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Cubik³ Interior Architecture is a Hamburg based practice, established in 2000. Since then, we have realized a large number of interior design projects of all kinds.


We develop concepts in unison with our clients that are part of a whole and yet distinctive. All projects result from an interaction between materiality, color & light and the genius loci. Furthermore, functionality, economic feasibility and sustainability are main pillars of each project we realize.

Beside regular interior architecture, Cubik³ is also specialized in cruise ship and yacht design. The scope of services reaches from first sketches and renderings through detailed design until site supervision and project handover.



Portraits by Nele Martensen and CUBIK³

Rainer Götting
Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect

FotoJH grau.jpg

Jochen Hagen
Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect

Tamlyn Seeliger
Diploma Technikon School

Carmen Wehage 2017.jpg

Carmen Wehage
Interior Architect M.A / Architect B.A.

Christine Pille.jpg

Christine Pille
Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect

Lena Hardege
Interior Architect B.A.

Paula Gäbel
Interior Architect B.A.

Johanna Doering 2017.jpg

Johanna Döring
Interior Architect B.A.

cubik_jens_schneider_14 sw (3) klein.jpg

Jens Schneider
Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect

Lea Wach
Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect

Beate Graef
Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect